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1.   Warranty period: 1 year for device or player, 3 months for accessory.

2.   During warranty period, we will provide free software support, eg. Corresponding software, upgrade training etc

3.   During warranty period, if customer has ability to repair, we will provide spare parts to customer for free after we 
get detailed defective report from customer.

4.   For guaranteed products, if customer wants to send them back for repair, customer has to contact us first to get 
authorization. We will tell the correct address for return delivery. a) defective rate <5%, customer has to bear the

      return freight and Benton will pay the shipping cost after repaired. b) defective rate>5%, Benton will bear return

      and re-shipping  cost. Customer has to paysending charge for us and Benton will refund in future.

5.   For used/return products, Benton will focus on device& button function. If customer wants us to renovate the products,
cost is extra like plastic casing etc. For item 3&4, it doesn’t include  any personal damage.

6.   We will provide 1% spare parts like screen, touch panel, battery, casing, speaker, camera etc if order is over 1000 
pieces/model and price is based on latest quotation. This term doesn’t include any discount, promotion products.

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